Behind the scenes

YEAR 2022


Reporting backstage from London Fashion Week is Zea, our senior stylist from Duffield, with the latest hair trends.

The look- We were shown the finished look which was a slicked down middle parting with sandy texture through the ends of the hair

The How-to- For this we used a light spritz of water spray to create a precise middle parting, then applied Techni art siren waves. Using a dressing out brush I smoothed the hair so that it was tight and flat, then dried it and applied Techni art volume architect ensuring the hair was smooth throughout. Crepe paper was used to wrap around the hair to ensure the hair is kept together whilst we styled the lengths and ends. We were creating a wet textured look through the ends to do this we used Techni Art dual styler bouncy and tender in thick sections through the back applying a lot of product and diffused it until dry.

It was then time for the rehearsal, when the models came back I started on my second model and repeated the process until I got to the diffusing step. Then we hit a stumbling block as the electricity cut out 30 minutes before the models had to be dressed. As we were diffusing the hair there was nothing we could do until the electrics were fixed which was really stressful as the models hair was still wet! Thankfully they managed to get the electric back on so managed to finish the models on time.

I had great time working backstage and can’t wait to hopefully be back next season.

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