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Behind the scenes

YEAR 2022



We are now holding Reflexology clinics at both our Ashbourne and Belper salons.

Reflexology has been around for thousands of years. Ancient Chinese used it to maintain good health and prevent disease, and is incorporated in traditional Chinese medicine still.  Eunice Ingham, who is considered the mother of modern reflexology, with the help of Doreen Bailey introduced it to the UK in the 1970’s in the form of modern reflexology that we know and love today.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a gentle complimentary therapy where the body and organs are mirrored on the feet and hands in what we call reflexes.  We apply specific direct gentle pressure to these reflexes to aid the body in its natural healing ability, to help bring about balance, release toxins and remove any imbalances in the body.  There are many theories to how reflexology works, most people find it beneficial to their general well-being, for relieving stress/tension and aiding relaxation.

A consultation is an important part of reflexology.  It enables the therapist to tailor the treatment to your individual needs, to make sure there is no reason why reflexology cannot be undertaken and to assess what you need, expect or want from the treatment. There can be some side effects to reflexology as your body is releasing the toxins and bringing about balance, you may experience headaches, you may want the toilet more, you may get worse before you get better and you may have problems sleeping.  These can be quite normal and should pass quite quickly.

Please phone 01332 974959 to book an appointment for either Ashbourne or Belper salon

we are holding a clinic at our Ashbourne Salon on the last Tuesday of every month

Treatment time is 1 hour and is priced at £45