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Behind the scenes

YEAR 2022




Angel and Zea were the first to see Instant Highlights when they took part in the L’Oreal Professionnel UK launch shoot in January and last week our stylists were all trained on the new  techniques at The Old Hall. This entirely new service is designed for the time poor who need a lightening appointment in just 30 minutes. Find out more below…

What are Instant Highlights?

A game-changing in-salon lightening technique that gives you  face framing highlights in half an hour thanks to a specific lightening cream and heated hair iron that cut out the usual development time.

Why Instant Highlights instead of my usual highlights or balayage?

Here’s the deal – it won’t replace your full head of highlights (because the whole point is not to take so much time), but if natural looking balayage is your thing then instant highlights could easily be added to your Cut and Blow-dry.

Why? Because it has the same lightening effect (up to 6 levels on un-dyed virgin hair) as regular highlights, but in an express time limit.

How does it work?

First step, choose your look from the options below with your stylist:

1. InstaContouring – 5-10 face framing pieces.

2. Instalights – 10-15 woven highlights all over your head.

3. Instarevive – up to 15 pieces give a grown out balayage a good old refresh.

4. Instapop – add block sections of pastel colour.

How much does it cost?

Short hair £32

Medium length hair £35

Long hair £38

Our pricing includes Smartbond but any toners or colourful hair will be added to the prices above.



Please ask your stylist if you have any questions about Instant Highlights which is now available in all salons.

The Old Hall 01332 331133

Sadler Gate 01332 203 302

Duffield 01332 843 000

Belper 01773 822520

Ashbourne 01335 343 893

University 01332 622 713


Behind the scenes

YEAR 2022




Cloud Nine teamed up with hair industry bible Creative HEAD magazine for a Christmas cover shoot with Angel taking the lead backstage on a collection of eight cool, easy going looks.

“These looks were inspired by the contrasting qualities of hair; keeping textures raw against more polished finishes. They were also heavily influenced by the Cloud Nine ‘Muses’ – girls we believe are strong, spirited, effortlessly cool and carefree, with a penchant for luxury”
– Angel Montague Sayers, Cloud Nine UK creative ambassador

Cloud Nine electrical tools are available in each of our salons and we offer a complimentary styling lesson with all tools purchased.

Hair Angel Montague Sayers, Jodie Austen, James Earnshaw, Mahfair Goknil and Stacey McCormack for Cloud Nine
Make-up Alex Jones using Katherine Daniels Cosmetics and Code Beautiful
Fashion Alexandra Bickerdike assisted by Devante Daley – with special thanks to Tibi, Wolford, Topshop, Emma Charles, Jenny Bird, Fausto Puglisi, Theory, Pilgrim, Barrus, Stella McCartney, Kurt Geiger, Soul, Brunello Cucinelli, J.W. Anderson, Halston Heritage, Alix, Jacquemus and Falke
Photography Jon Baker
Products used: Cloud Nine and Evo


Behind the scenes

YEAR 2022




At some stage we’ve all had a fringe. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. If you are the latter then my advice to get yourself down to the salon and ask your Stylist to re-adjust the shape of your fringe to allow it to grow in a less ‘curtain’ style way.

It may mean altering the parting or channeling your inner Bridget Bardot with central hanging bangs.


Behind the scenes

YEAR 2022




A pixie haircut is sadly seen quite rarely due to the dreaded fear of the growing out stage. There is nothing I love more than a well suited, tailored pixie cut but if you are wanting to start growing yours out, here are my top tips:

Don’t boycott the salon- Keep up with haircuts every 4-6 weeks and ask your Stylist to cut the back of your hair while the sides and top are growing. This will ensure you avoid the ‘Mullet’ stage.

Ask your Stylist to recommend different haircuts while your hair is growing. Keeping it in shape is essential so you don’t get sick of it and have it all cut off again.

Make sure you are using high quality professional haircare. For hair to grow in a healthy way it, optimum condition is essential.

Embrace your natural hair texture and try to avoid over styling.

And if you still can’t stand the in-between stage – head to a hair extension specialist for a consultation. The transformations hair extensions give now days are incredible and worth the investment if your hair is suitable.


Behind the scenes

YEAR 2022


Behind the scenes

YEAR 2022




We would love to you join us at our ESPA coffee morning on Friday 15th of September. There will be a skincare workshop where you can learn top tips from an ESPA expert plus skin cocktailing and event only promotions.

Spaces are limited to 10 people per session to ensure that everyone is able to take full advantage of the workshop, sessions are available to book at 10am and 11am by calling 01773822520.

DATE: 15th September 2017

TIME: Sessions are bookable at 10am and 11am


TICKETS: £10, this is redeemable against ESPA purchases on the day.

We will also be holding a Macmillan coffee morning in the salon downstairs at the same time so please feel free to drop in to enjoy coffee and cake.


Behind the scenes

YEAR 2022




By Angel Montague-Sayers

Here I created this ‘lived in’ low pony using my favourite curling wand by Cloud Nine and a cocktail of my hero products.

The ‘Curling wand’ is the newest edition to the Cloud Nine portfolio and alongside it’s multiple heat settings and glossed coating (giving serious shine) the width of the barrel gives a flawless shaped curl for any hair length.

Follow this simple step by step to recreate this look;

  1. Starting with freshly washed hair, spritz a generous helping of the Cloud Nine Amplify spray throughout and blast dry in.
  2. Once your hair is 100% dry; take small sections and spray the L’Oreal Professional, Techni-Art Constructor spray from root to tip. This will not only protect against the heat but will feel invisible on the hair and has a styling memory for longer lasting results.
  3. Wrap each section around the barrel of the Cloud Nine curling wand. Don’t worry if you can’t wind the very ends around as this adds to the natural effect.
  4. Leave each curl to cool without touching it and continue with the rest of the hair.
  5. Once the curls have cooled; tip your head upside down and shake out the shape.
  6. The Crepage De Chignon by L’Oreal Professional is an ideal blend of hairspray and dry shampoo for a texturing and mattifying result. Spritz this throughout and finish by defining the ends using the Techni-Art deviation paste.
  7. It’s important not to use a hairbrush at this point as it will ruin the texture you’ve created. Gather your hair gently with your fingers at the nape of the neck.
  8. Fasten this with a piece of elastic and tie a black ribbon around to add detail.

Angel works at Duffield each Thursday and Friday and at Ashbourne every Wednesday and Saturday.

Please book online or call Duffield on 01332843000 or Ashbourne 01335 343893



Behind the scenes

YEAR 2022





Last month Lizzie and Millie headed to London to take part in the L’Oreal Professionnel Blonde Edit alongside a group of other L’Oreal Portfolio salon teams.  They were given a brief to create one of three blonde colour trends and the pair chose Bronzed Blonde.


Bronzed blonde is ideal for those taking the first steps towards more natural blonder tones and is a glossy, post holiday look. This ultra soft freehand service uses honey caramel tones for a bronzed glow and is ideal for clients who want to add more definition and contrast to overprocessed hair.

‘The day was a fabulous experience and it was great to explore more ideas with Mabel’s hair. I can’t wait to start using the new bronzed blonde techniques at Sadler Gate!’ Millie King

‘We spent the day at L’Oréal headquarters for the blonde edit which was a great experience from start to finish. We wanted to create a natural bronzed look to shy away from the ombré look and inspire clients with a greater variety of tones.’ Lizzie Fox

We always tailor blonde tones to suit your colouring and taste, ask to your stylist about which blonde tones will work for you.To make an appointment with Lizzie (Salon Manager and Colour Specialist) or Millie (Stylist) please call the Sadler Gate salon on 01332 203 302 or book online via our website.

Below: The final Blonde Edit looks are blushed blonde, bronzed blonde and plati-nude.


Behind the scenes

YEAR 2022




Inspired by the runway, below are the two emerging trends for Spring/Summer 2017. Emmy Rappe (left) wears the first new service, Foilyage, although this technique is showcased on copper it is great for blondes and brunettes too.

The second trend, modelled by the stunning L’Oreal Professionnel ambassaor, Hailey Baldwin (right), is Nude Beige, inspired by the ‘barely-there’ nude make-up trend.

These looks are perfect for spring and so easy to wear.



Copper is the colour of the season spotted on the latest runways of the likes of Alexander Wang. We are embracing this colour and paring it with a trending technique, Foilyage. Like balayage, which you might be familiar with, this is a technique where the hair colour technician would freehand paint lighter pieces into the hair. However, selected pieces are then wrapped in foils, creating defined lightness to blend seamlessly with the softer tones.

Although modelled on copper, this technique is perfect for blondes and brunettes alike.


The new adaptation of the Balayage technique, Foilyage, this technique gives the so desired ultimate natural-looking sun-kissed glow perfect for introducing that spring/summer vibe. The subtlety of this look brings beauty creating definition and dimensions in the hair throughout the front section, in particular the lengths and ends. The glossy perfection that comes with this technique avoids the need for a radical transformation involving heavy commitment. A palette of copper and golden shades are perfect for this technique to brighten up and warm any hair colour.

The increased popularity of the Foilyage trend across the runways, celebrity looks and the high street is contributed to by its low maintenance nature, like Balyage, this professional salon-only technique gives the chic look and feel good factor reducing the need to go to the salon every few weeks. What more could you want?


Inspired by the ‘barely there’ nude make-up look, this trend uses the beige hair colour palette playing with a blend of cool and warm tones making this look perfect for spring and easy to wear.

Your colourist will work with your face shape to really emphasise your natural features & highlight the face contour with the colour placement adding an effortless glow for a chic and natural-looking result.

Our team all took part in an education session on the new techniques with L’Oreal Professionnel, ask them about nude blonde and foliage on your next visit.


Behind the scenes

YEAR 2022

Introducing PHD




We’re delighted to have introduced PHD Safewax to the Belper salon. The unique PHD Waxing System offers a treatment totally free of cross contamination. This is achieved through using the individually packaged applicator heads which are thrown away after your treatment, preventing cross contamination from one client to another. Its applicator head has a built in safety device to prevent the backflow of wax into the tube eliminating the risk of cross contamination.


Professional… hygenic… Disposable 

For the best result…

There are lots of things to take into consideration to get the best results from your waxing.

1. The hair should not be touched for at least 4-6 weeks. This is because your hair is on a cycle, you may feel after a couple of weeks of not shaving your hairs are all their and are long enough, this is simply not the case. If we were to wax, yes we would remove the visible hairs, but the hairs that are not visible will then start to appear after a couple of days, making you feel the waxing hasn’t worked, not true, it’s just that those hairs are on a different cycle. Allowing 4-6 weeks will give the hairs the best chance to all come through.

2. Dry skin is another thing that will prevent you from getting the best result from your waxing. This is due to the fact that if you have lots of dry flaky skin, when we apply the wax, we are unable to get to the route of the hair, causing the hair to break off. Also, your skin will be covered in lots of tiny red spots, giving the appearance of a plucked chicken, which would not happen if your skin is prepared correctly. Prevention, by exfoliating your skin with a scrub and using a good moisturiser, will ensure your legs are in the best possible condition to give a smoother wax.

3. Do not have a hot bath just before being waxed. A lot of people feel they are doing the right thing, hoping to open their pores so that the hairs come out easier. Not true, this can actually cause your skin to be damaged during waxing, the reason is, when you soak in a hot bath, you are softening the top layers of skin, you go to have your waxing and warm wax is applied to the area, when the wax is removed, it will remove more skin than we would like, giving the skin the appearance of it peeling, that may slightly scab over. It will heal and shouldn’t cause any long term problems, but its best to have a quick warm shower to prevent any damage to the skin.

For more information or to book an appointment, please call Belper (01773822520) or Ashbourne (01335 343 895).