Behind the scenes

YEAR 2018


I recently read an article which perfectly summerised my thoughts – instead of needles and facelifts, just get your hair right! It’s much better value and far less scary.

Grey tones have been popular but unless you’re under 25 don’t bother. Embracing and enhancing your natural colour can work but to brighten and lift you’ll need pieces which act as candlelight around the face.Cut-wise Rachel Johnson is a great example, I often show apprentices how her hair is cut at just the right angle at her cheekbones and this could work for you too. Before booking a more drastic appointment, simply ask your stylist to frame and elevate your features.

At any age colour is just like make-up for the hair, it enhances what you already have, including a great hair cut. All our stylists have been taught how to contour with colour and will tailor your hair to enhance and lift – it really can make all the difference.

Sally Montague

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