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YEAR 2022


Now is the ideal time to remove any gel and give your nails some DIY attention. Follow our very simple steps below to remove your gel without damage.

The main essentials that you will need are; cotton wool discs x 5, aluminium foil, a nail file and nail polish remover (with acetone is ideal).

There is also an OPI video tutorial here…


Firstly, wash your hands for over 20 seconds.

Buff the the top coat gently with a file (once the shiny part is removed there is no need for more filling).

Soak a piece of the cotton pad in the removal agent and place it over the nail.

Wrap the nail in foil.

Leave for 15 minutes or until the gel is lifting completely away from the nail. This may be longer than usual depending on what removal agent you are using. Please do not be tempted to scrape the gel off. 

File and shape the nails.

Wash your hands again before applying hand cream – our hands will all be incredibly dry at the moment!


You may have some OPI Nail Envy at home, this is a nail strengthener with a touch of colour. If you have Nail Envy to hand then paint two coats and add an extra coat every other day.

Cuticle Oil can also be added at the end, if you are painting your nails then hand cream should be the final stage 

One thought on “GEL NAILS

  1. Janet Rose

    I don’t seem to be on the mailing list for the newsletters.
    Jill Ratcliffe forwarded it to me as I was keen to see the gel nail tips.
    We are all in the same boat and just have to soldier on. I’m doing all the things that have been waiting for years.
    Take care everyone.
    Love Janet Rose


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