Behind the scenes

YEAR 2022


A pixie haircut is sadly seen quite rarely due to the dreaded fear of the growing out stage. There is nothing I love more than a well suited, tailored pixie cut but if you are wanting to start growing yours out, here are my top tips:

Don’t boycott the salon- Keep up with haircuts every 4-6 weeks and ask your Stylist to cut the back of your hair while the sides and top are growing. This will ensure you avoid the ‘Mullet’ stage.

Ask your Stylist to recommend different haircuts while your hair is growing. Keeping it in shape is essential so you don’t get sick of it and have it all cut off again.

Make sure you are using high quality professional haircare. For hair to grow in a healthy way it, optimum condition is essential.

Embrace your natural hair texture and try to avoid over styling.

And if you still can’t stand the in-between stage – head to a hair extension specialist for a consultation. The transformations hair extensions give now days are incredible and worth the investment if your hair is suitable.

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