Behind the scenes

YEAR 2022


Nothing beats that feeling of stepping out of the salon with freshly pampered hair that looks and smells divine! And it’s not for nothing- 75% of our emotions generated throughout the day are directly related to smell. Whether it’s the fragrance of a beautiful rose or your favourite hair product, scents play a big part in how we feel and can instantly lift our moods or ease stress. So why not bring that post-salon sensation home?

While stocks last you can enjoy a complimentary Kerastase diffuser when you purchase 2 or more products.

Choosing the right scent

We believe that the way products smell is very important, turning something every day like washing into your hair an indulgent and luxurious ritual. Well now you can bring those sublime fragrances into your home! Envelop your senses with a Kerastase home fragrance diffuser, and let the journey begin.

There is one fragrance for each of the 4 bestselling ranges:

Reflection home fragrance

Fresh lemony notes riff off the powerful wooden base notes, striking a harmonious balance whilst the fresh floral heart will have you drifting into a dreamy haze… an idyllic scent for the romantic at heart.

Nutritive home fragrance

Top notes of fresh citrus give this scent its crisp energy and mood-lifting boost. Just underneath sparkles lavender, giving base notes of white musk space to breathe for an incredible sensation of lightness that envelops any room with a breeze of well-being.

Resistance home fragrance

For those who like to get up and go! Tasty top notes open with fresh effervescence and bite, before the sweetheart notes give way to a captivating and delicately floral musk. An uplifting scent to start the day right.

Elixir Ultime home fragrance

Melt into this elegant fragrance. Delicately sunny top notes come in the form of mandarin, whilst violet petals add a refined touch. Amber tones of sandalwood ground the scent, giving it a warm and woody aura for that feeling of long summer nights, whatever the season.

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