Behind the scenes

YEAR 2022


We are really excited about the launch of ‘The Hair Guide’, aiming to be much more than a price list the guide showcases all the services we offer whilst inspiring you with fresh hair ideas.


We value your custom and appreciate your loyalty – especially through tough economic climates. To prove our continued loyalty to you we made the decision to put any price increases on hold over the last four years, however with continued increases from our chosen suppliers and product manufacturers we will be introducing a new pricing structure rather than an increase across all prices.

The main change will be offering short, medium and long hair pricing options – something which has been in place at our Ashbourne salon for a number of years. We really wanted our new menu to be easy to understand with transparent pricing information and so we have introduced a new colour menu with fewer pricing options.

We’ll also be launching one-on-one styling tutorials and ‘TLC Tuesday’, a new initaive where you can nominate a friend who is going through a hard time to receive complimentary hair or beauty treatments.

As of February 1st, we will have The Hair Guide in each of our six salons so you can see how this will affect the services you currently enjoy. We will continue to offer premium service as well as added value across the board on a range of product offers, gifts with purchase and our popular loyalty scheme.

Although a price increase is never timely – whatever the economic climate – we wanted to communicate our reasons for doing so, rather than implementing it out of the blue. Our promise to you is that you will continue to receive value for money, value in the services we provide and value in our dedication to client care and of course your hair.

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