Advanced Care

Reveal exceptional results whatever your skincare concern, with a bespoke facial at Ashbourne, Belper, The Old Hall or David Lloyd. Choose either the CACI or ESPA route, depending on whether you prefer a more hands on or machine driven facial. We do not offer any injectable treatments, we belive that you can acheive incredible results through good treatments and an at home skin routine which has been tailored for you.



Reveal visibly resilient, healthy-looking, youthful skin. This specialised ESPA NATURAL FACELIFT facial is the complete approach to skin health using cutting edge pre and probiotic technology combined with the same benefits of physical exercise to detoxify, invigorate, sculpt and relax.  £85 / 85 MINUTES



The ESPA Personalised one hour facial is our most popular treamtent. Following skin analysis with our SkinVision™ lamp, naturally advanced spa skincare products rich in plant and marine extracts are selected according to your individual needs and used alongside tailored massage to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, purify and boost your complexion. Priced £55


Introducing, the full Tri-Active™ Advanced ProBiome range. New cutting edge skincare therapy to defy visible signs of ageing. Clinically proven to nurture and support biodiversity of the skin’s microbiome. For visibly youthful, radiant and firm skin. Please ask in salon for a personal recommendation.



Advanced technology...

CACI is a brand that has become synonymous with delivering effective treatment results without the need for surgery and has paved the way in anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation and problematic skin solutions for over two decades. The treatments are often described as the ‘red- carpet beauty secret’ and have attracted an impressive celebrity following including royalty, film stars, super models, beauty editors and make-up artists from around the globe. CACI facials area available at Ashbourne and Belper salons. Please see individual treatment menus for pricing.



    For all CACI treatments it is advised that you have ten sessions over a certain period for long lasting results. After your course you can continue with express and less frequent treatments - often just one per month is needed to maintain the benefits.



    Here Hydratone rollers are used to gently massage the face over the electrically conductive CACI Hydro Mask. The microcurrent’s rejuvenating energy transmitted through the rollers provides immediate and intensive skin hydration and helps to restore muscle tone and firmness.