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Behind the scenes

YEAR 2024

London Fashion Week




On Friday at the Central Saint Martins show the aim was to create two specific looks. On short haired models a scrunched natural textured blow-dry and on long haired models a Moroccan inspired messy, matt wave. When I arrived backstage the lead stylist Adam Reed demonstrated how to achieve the long haired look by winding a models hair around a medium barrel tong and moving the hair back and forth to create the textured wave. There were 75 models at the show, both male and female, so it wasn’t long before the room was full and everyone on the styling team was busy working.

At the start of the evening I worked with another stylist on two long haired models. We used L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Beach Waves Styling Spray, Depolish Styling Paste and Scruff Me Styling Gel to create the Moroccan inspired messy, matt wave look. As the run through approached we began working individually. I worked on another three models, each time showing the lead stylist who approved every model and also complimented my work. The styling team were given the opportunity to watch the run through which was a particular highlight for me. I loved seeing the room set up for the catwalk as it made it all feel real.

After the run through, final adjustments were made to the models hair and then they got dressed in their outfits. I assisted anyone I could to help with the tight time schedule. Seeing the models dressed with their hair finished and ready in the line up was great as I could see the final look all come together.


On Saturday at the JW Anderson show there was only one look. A sleek, low side pony with an exposed ear that was demonstrated by Anthony Turner, the lead stylist. I overheard Anthony further explaining to a reporter that the look was of a poor little rich girl who was trying to fit in with the cool girls and that the exposed ear was a representation of the immaturity she still had.

The backstage at this show was a lot bigger but access was very limited so I didn’t get to see as much as I did at the Friday show. There was also a calmer atmosphere at this show as there were fewer models. Whilst working with another stylist I used L’Oréal Professionnel PLI Styling Spray at the roots of the models hair and Full Volume Extra Mousse through the ends as we blow-dried the hair into the desired shape. We had to glue in extensions (something I’ve never done before) and then we secured the hair with elastic and smoothed over the hair with Mythic Oil to give a glossy finish.

For the remainder of the show I assisted other stylists who were part of Anthony Turners team. Again, it was great to see all of the models dressed and ready to go on stage. After the show was finished I stayed behind to remove the extensions from the models hair.

I loved the experience of being backstage at London Fashion Week, it was so inspiring! Not only was it a great opportunity to increase and improve my skill set but it also gave me valuable experience working in a high-pressure environment. I got to appreciate first hand just how important team work is backstage, which is another aspect of the show that I really enjoyed. The shows have made me much more aware of the looks for next season which I will be able to bring back and showcase in the salon.

Lorna recently scooped the ‘One to Watch’ title at our annual awards

Lorna is a Senior Stylist at The Old Hall. To make an appointment, please book online or call 01332 331133


1. Sweep the top section of hair from one side to the other

2. Saturate section by section with a combination of Tecni.ART Pli and Tecni.ART Full Volume Extra, making sure to keep the side-swept front section separate

3. Directional blow dry, then apply Mythic Oil through the mid-lengths to ends for a smooth finish

4. To create the pony, sweep the hair around to the opposite side to the parting, making sure the ear peeks out before fastening with an elastic

5. Finish with Mythic Oil and Infinium Extra Strong 



Behind the scenes

YEAR 2024




Laura Roberston (Manager and Colour Specialist, Belper) and Yvette (Master Stylist, Belper) were invited to assist L’Oreal Professionnel backstage at London Fashion Week at the Peter Pilotto and Barbara Casasola shows.

PETER PILOTTO, hair by Anthony Turner


‘The collection features graphic lines inspired by a kid’s toy racing track and we wanted to bring the idea of the track’s curve into the hair,’ said Anthony Turner. Handsomely boyish at the front, Turner prepped it with a mixture of Tecni.ART PLI and Full Volume Mousse, blow-dried it forwards – then used his fingers to swish a deeply side-parted curve over the forehead, adding a small ‘S’ bend at the temple to replicate that racing car track. Finger raking small, natural ripples into the hair at the back as he dried it, Turner misted in Wild Stylers Crepage de Chignon to give a cool, matte finish and a hint of modern girlishness.

BARBARA CASASOLA, hair by Adam Reed


At Barbara Casasola, Adam Reed also had texture on his mind. Here he coined a new term for a loosely swept-back style with an ‘un-grunge’ finish. ‘It’s like a grungy texture, but it feels healthier and has a loose, luxuriousness to it that encapsulates the Barbara Casasola woman,’ said Reed.

Blow-drying Tecni.ART PLI straight onto dry hair to seal the cuticle and lend it a home styled quality, he sprayed Infinium Extra Strong spray onto his hands then raked them back through hair, sweeping it away from the temples. Then for a top trick: A strip of crepe paper was misted with more Infinium then clipped over the head – ear to ear – to set the back-swept movement in place. Removing it deftly in the line-up, he finished hair with a misting of Wet Domination Shower Shine spray for a dose of healthy shine.