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It’s the hair colour trend that’s taking 2015 by storm; it’s not blonde, it’s not brunette but it can be tailored exactly to your skin tone which is why we set our young Stylists a ‘Bronde Project’ earlier this month.

Each Stylist presented their own Bronde technique, model and mood board to a panel of judges at The Old Hall. Serafina (Stylist at Ashbourne) wowed everyone with her Dior inspired A-Line technique and technically perfect application to be named the winner of this seasons competition – Congratulations Serafina!

Winner: Serafina (Stylist at Ashbourne)

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Level 3 entrants: Beth (Stylist at Duffield), Hannah (Stylist at The Old Hall), Natalie (Stylist at The Old Hall)





Behind the scenes

YEAR 2024


Behind the scenes

YEAR 2024




This summer holiday season we are offering a free travel sized Soleil shampoo with a purchase of any one Soleil product absolutely free. This is ideal to take away on holiday or use at home when your hair could use some extra protection from the sun!


The sun has been glorious this past week, however you may have noticed your hair becoming more dry and brittle, this is due to the sun damage to your hair. It’s incredibly important to keep your hair protected in the summer months – the more damaged and sensitive the hair is, the less protected it will be against the sun, which is why you need to be treating your hair with hair care products that target the issue. Kerastase ‘Soleil’ caters for all levels of sun damaged hair, whether it be slightly dry or dramatically weak and damaged.  The products in the ‘Soleil’ collection are all enriched with a UV filter which will help keep your hair looking and feeling healthy and protected.



Bain Après Soleil

A daily nourishing shampoo with UV filters for colour-treated hair to protect, repair and beautify hair exposed to the sun.

•Hair feels nourished and protected against sun damage

•Hair feels more resistant

•Hair feels detangled and softened


Lait Richesse

A Daily nourishing conditioner for sun exposed hair.

•Hair feels nourished and protected under the sun

•Hair feels lightweight & soft to the touch


Masque UV Défense Active

An Anti-damage masque with UV filters for colour-treated, sun exposed hair.

•Hair feels intensely nourished

•Hair feels protected

•Hair feels more resistant


Aqua Seal

Perfect for people who swim regularly, Aqua-Seal is the 1st fluid-cream with waterproofing effect to protect sensitised hair from sun and water aggressions.

▪ Waterproofing effect.

▪ Improves water retention.

▪ Solar protection.

▪ Smooths the hair with a shiny finish


Micro-Voile Protecteur Spray

Fine, dry and light mist to protect against sun, salt and chlorinated water.

•Ultrafine diffusion

•Non greasy residue

•Hair feels protected and looks beautified

•Natural touch


CC Crème

Leave-in Complete Correction cream with UV filters, ceramides and Linseed Oil suitable for all hair types.

Complete care for sun exposed hair to provide sublime protection and radiance.

•Hair looks instantly nourished, illuminated and smoothed

•Hair feels protected under the sun

•Hair feels detangled and soft to the touch

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