Behind the scenes

YEAR 2024


Earlier this summer Lorna, senior stylist at the Old Hall, successfully auditioned to become a L’Oreal ID Artist. Led by some of the hairdressing industry’s biggest names, ID ARTISTS are coached in the latest catwalk looks, cut and styling techniques, session hairdressing, product innovation and the latest L’Oréal Professionnel seasonal trends. The two-year mentoring programme covers both colour and cutting and styling and has become one of the most sought-after educational opportunities for young hairdressers, inspiring those with an eye for fashion and unique creative expression


As I attended the introduction to ID Artist in Leeds I was feeling super excited about the two year journey that I am about to start with L’Oréal. The first day’s session involved learning the importance of social media in the hair styling industry, getting colour trend savvy for AW/17 and a preview of L’Oréal’s new metallic colour range. In addition to this I got to see a demo of two different hair cuts from Saks art team members.
The session ended with Andrew Barton giving us all an insight into the world of being a celebrity hairdresser. Listening to Andrew’s career was very inspiring and left me feeling more motivated than ever to improve and develop my skills as a hair stylist. At the end of the day all of the member’s of the ID artist team’s were invited to a night of bowling, food and drinks. This was a really nice opportunity to meet more of the great people who I will be working and training alongside in the coming years.
During the second day at ID Artist I learned the importance of presenting yourself properly on stage and how to engage with an audience and keep them interested. There was a hands-on styling session with Luke Pluckrose (a session stylist with Saks) and a cutting session with Sarah Clarke-Lees (a member of the Saks art team). These sessions were great as I learned new sectioning techniques and how to use them to create a choppy, layered haircut. We then finished the day with a team building exercise which involved all of the groups acting out a Disney film of their choice.
My first two day’s at ID Artist were amazing and I cannot wait for the next event!

To book an appointment with Lorna please call 01332 331133 or book online.

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