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Behind the scenes

YEAR 2020




We have had lots of messages regarding root colour over the past few weeks so we thought that a guide to a colour alternative may help! If you want to disguise your roots then we are recommending either Colour Wow or a temporary root spray, both can be bought online.

The most popular shades of Colour Wow now seem to have sold out on several websites. We can post Colour Wow to you and have set up a temporary shop on the gift voucher page of the website here.


Cover greys and dark roots, refresh highlights, thicken hairlines…

Covers grey seamlessly, even covers dark roots and extends highlights without peroxide

Precise application, no mess like sprays

Never stiff, sticky or waxy like mascaras and crayons

Looks completely natural, mimics hair’s reflective qualities

Water resistant formula, you can even swim in it

No waxes, dyes or parabens

Can also be used to fill in hairlines and cover gaps to create the look of thicker hair

Sally’s Tips and Tricks

  1. Load the brush with powder, you will need quite a lot for full coverage. I would advise using the longer bristled brush end.


2. Pull you hair back and push the powder into your hairline. Instantly you will see the greys being covered.

3. You only really need to focus on your hairline and parting. There is no need to be very precise but try not to colour your scalp.


4. The powder will last until you wash it out and will not affect your colour in any way.

5. If you have highlighted hair, you can use the small end of the brush to emphasise these.



How I will be wearing my hair for the next few weeks…

Let’s take this as an opportunity to use less heated tools and instead use all of those hair masques and samples which we all have in cupboards!

If you would like us to post any specific hair or skin care advice, please email [email protected]



Behind the scenes

YEAR 2020





The largest organ of your body, skin is often neglected. Dull, dry and dehydrated, covered up all winter and exposed to the sun all summer – under loved, your skin is constantly pushed to the limit.

Exfoliating with a body brush will improve your waxing results and reduce ingrown hairs. Giving skin a daily brush will also significantly improve tone, helping to banish cellulite and boost cell renewal for smoother, softer, more radiant skin.

With countless health benefits, body brushing is a fast and effective way to exfoliate – helping your skin absorb product faster, increase circulation, improve the appearance of cellulite, assist lymphatic drainage, improve muscle tone and stimulate the nervous system.

A fantastic gentle and therapeutic way to start your day, follow our body brushing ritual to detoxify, tone and firm your skin.


Encourage lymph drainage by using a firm dry brush on skin every morning before showering or bathing. Ensure each sweep is made several times, working towards your heart. Enrich the ritual by following each sweep of the brush with a gentle stroke from your free hand.


Starting at one of your feet, brush the lower leg in upward movements towards the knee, working from the inside of the leg to the outside, then the back of the leg.

Using the same method, work around the kneecap stroking up the thigh from the inside to the outside. Move around the back of the leg and up and over your bottom, then repeat for the other leg.


For your stomach, brush down from the side of your waist, across to the centre of your lower stomach several times – then repeat on the other side.

Moving to your back, brush up the back from your bottom towards your shoulders as far as you can comfortably reach. Repeat for the other side.

The benefits of this ritual will be lost with too much pressure, so make each stroke is light and take care not to drag, irritate or redden the skin.


With natural bristles from Mexican cactus plants swiftly stimulating circulation and eliminating toxins, this ESPA Skin Brush would a good addition to your daily routine.

Priced £20, available at Ashbourne, Belper, The Old Hall and David Lloyd salons.



Behind the scenes

YEAR 2020




To our wonderful clients and friends, 

Sadly, I have made the heartbreaking decision to close the salon group for the foreseeable future due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

The health of our team and clients is our number one priority and we must all now play our part and stay at home to save lives. On Friday March 20th we closed the David Lloyd and University salons. Now the Ashbourne, Duffield, Belper, Sadler Gate and Old Hall salons will all join the closure. 

This is first time in almost 37 years that our business will be closed – salons are a fantastic place of community and we will greatly miss welcoming you. 

Gift voucher and Studio Class Pass expiry dates will be extended and other measures will be released next week. We want to keep in touch throughout this difficult time and provide wellbeing advice and inspiration where possible via social media and our e-newsletter. 

We will review the closure according to government guidelines. You can book online via our app and website from 1st May onwards. 

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your ongoing loyalty and continued support. We will use this period to reset and will look forward to welcoming you back once this nightmare is over. 

Until then, please take care and look after each other.

My thoughts are with you all,

Sally x


Behind the scenes

YEAR 2020




Our festive opening hours are as follows:

SUNDAY 22nd December

ASHBOURNE 10am – 4pm (appointments available)

BELPER 10am – 4pm (appointments available)

DAVID LLOYD 10am – 4pm (hair appointments available)

MONDAY 23rd December

All salons open as usual with extra team members.


All salons are open from 8am – 3pm


All salons are closed


All salons are closed

FRIDAY 27th December

Open as usual

SATURDAY 28th December

Open as usual

SUNDAY 29th December

David Lloyd 10am – 4pm

Ashbourne and all other salons are closed

MONDAY 30th December

Open as usual

TUESDAY 31st December

All salons are open from 9am – 4pm

Wednesday 1st January 2020

All salons are closed

Thursday 2nd of January

Normal opening times resume


Please note that Montague Creative at the University of Derby is open on Christmas Eve and then will be closed until Thursday 2nd of January. To book appointments during this time please call 01335 343893 or email [email protected]

Appointments can be booked at any salon by calling 01332 974959



Behind the scenes

YEAR 2020




We are proud to have three generations of the same families visiting us for hair and spa treatments. The highest compliment we can receive is a personal recommendation and so we have introduced a new ‘Send a Friend’ campaign which will run from the 12th to the 31st of December 2019.


  1. When you visit us for any appointment between the 12th and 31st of December you will receive a text
  2. Simply forward this text to as many people as you wish
  3. When your friend books an appointment they just need to mention your name
  4. If you both have an appointment during January or February 2020 (your friends appointment should come first) then you will each receive a gift worth £25 or more


The gift you will each receive will depend on whether you have a hair or spa appointment but all will be worth at least £25 and will be chosen for your hair or skin type.

HAIR: A bespoke hair care set to take home after your appointment. We also have male grooming sets available.

SPA: An ESPA skincare gift bag containing a complete set of their hero products to kickstart your skincare regime. 


  1. There is no cash alternative
  2. The person you are introducing should not have visited any of our salons in the past two years
  3. This promotion is valid with all stylists and therapists at all salons. You do not have to visit the same salon as your friend
  4. There is no limit! You can send the text to as many people as you wish, if more that one friend takes up the offer then you can take home a gift set at any and all appointments before March 1st – you could have several gifts if you visit for both hair and spa appointments
  5. You or your friend should visit for any appointment over £25, for example an eyebrow shape or fringe trim would not be included
  6. Under 18’s are not included

If you would like any further details then please feel free to call us on 01332 974 959, this is the phone menu for all salons


Behind the scenes

YEAR 2020





Please book online via this website or call:

Ashbourne 01335 343893

Belper 01773 822 520

David Lloyd 01332 322 289

The Old Hall 01332 331 133


Behind the scenes

YEAR 2020


Behind the scenes

YEAR 2020



Over the school holidays we are holding a special Studio Summer promotion where you can introduce a friend to any of our classes and each receive 50% off. From today until the 8th of September simply book a place for you and a friend who hasn’t been to that class before. You will each pay £5 or use half a class pass, please note that pre booking is essential and this promotion applies to all of our classes.

You can pay for our classes in blocks of five (£50) or eleven (£100), if you would like to try a class for the first time or as a one off then you can pay £10 for one class but after this you will need to purchase one of the class passes.

Please ask if you have any questions about our Studio Summer promotion, we look forward to welcoming you to one of our classes soon!

Book your class today by calling 01335 343 893


Behind the scenes

YEAR 2020


Behind the scenes

YEAR 2020



We are now holding Reflexology clinics at both our Ashbourne and Belper salons.

Reflexology has been around for thousands of years. Ancient Chinese used it to maintain good health and prevent disease, and is incorporated in traditional Chinese medicine still.  Eunice Ingham, who is considered the mother of modern reflexology, with the help of Doreen Bailey introduced it to the UK in the 1970’s in the form of modern reflexology that we know and love today.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a gentle complimentary therapy where the body and organs are mirrored on the feet and hands in what we call reflexes.  We apply specific direct gentle pressure to these reflexes to aid the body in its natural healing ability, to help bring about balance, release toxins and remove any imbalances in the body.  There are many theories to how reflexology works, most people find it beneficial to their general well-being, for relieving stress/tension and aiding relaxation.

A consultation is an important part of reflexology.  It enables the therapist to tailor the treatment to your individual needs, to make sure there is no reason why reflexology cannot be undertaken and to assess what you need, expect or want from the treatment. There can be some side effects to reflexology as your body is releasing the toxins and bringing about balance, you may experience headaches, you may want the toilet more, you may get worse before you get better and you may have problems sleeping.  These can be quite normal and should pass quite quickly.

Please phone 01332 974959 to book an appointment for either Ashbourne or Belper salon

we are holding a clinic at our Ashbourne Salon on the last Tuesday of every month

Treatment time is 1 hour and is priced at £45