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Behind the scenes

YEAR 2021




Throughout lockdown we have been reviewing safety practices in all areas of the salons and have been adhering to all updated government , manufacturer and industry advice from the National Hair & Beauty Federation.

We have therefore taken the decision that everyone who is booking in for hair colour, LVL Lashes, HD Brows, eyelash or eyebrow tinting will require a new Allergy Alert Test. This is where a small amount of colour is applied behind the ear or in the elbow area to test if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the colourant, this must take place at least 48 hours before any service takes place. 

Here are some of the key reasons why we are performing the tests:

1. Having a Covid-19 vaccine is classed as a change in medical history

2. A positive Covid-19 test is classed as a change in medical histor

3. A change in medical history requires a patch test to be carried out

4. The use of home colour/tinting kits can contribute to increased sensitivity towards PPD

5. Many people have experienced more severe reactions in the past year and we would hate for anyone to have a severe hair colour or tint reaction. 

6. Allergic reactions can be devastating and the severity cannot be overlooked. We are doing everything in our power to prevent allergic reactions by testing everyone again.

When we book your appointment, we will also book a time for you to have an Allergy Alert test. This can take place at any of our salons and will take around five minutes. The reason that we are trying to book these appointments is so that we do not have too many people arriving at once and therefore the process for you will be more efficient. 

Following your Allergy Alert test, you will be able to have colour or tinting services in the next six months. At each of your colour appointments we will ask you some simple questions to check that your medical history hasn’t changed since your last appointment.

We are trying to make Allergy Alert Test as simple and straightforward as possible. You may have seen that all salons across the UK are also performing renewed patch tests and we hope that by carrying out the tests we will prevent any severe reactions.

Allergy Alert Testing: What happens? 

  • A cotton bud will be used to apply a small amount of the appropriate colourant behind your ear
  • Please leave this on for 48 hours before washing off. You shouldn’t even notice it’s there, there may be a tiny dot of product residue visible but no marks or redness if your test is normal. 
  • If you have any signs of reaction, wash it off immediately with cold water. Please do contact us if this is the case by calling 01332 974 959.
  • If you show no signs of reaction to the colourant then we will be able to carry out your service in salon.

What happens if I am allergic to any ingredients and we carried out the service?

Your symptoms could range from mild to serious. Symptoms may occur immediately or take up to 48 hours to manifest.

Colourant allergy symptoms include:

  • Stinging or burning sensation on the scalp, face, or neck. Listers or welts, itching or swelling of the scalp and face. Swollen eyelids, lips, hands, or feet or an angry, red rash anywhere on the body.

Occasionally, a colourant allergy will cause anaphylaxis to occur. This rare reaction is a medical emergency and can be fatal, you must call 999 if you experience any of the following symptoms of anaphylaxis:

  • Skin reactions such as stinging, burning, swelling, and rashes, swelling of the throat and tongue, trouble breathing, fainting, nausea and vomiting.

Useful Links…

NHS Guide to colour reactions…


Behind the scenes

YEAR 2021



‘Lockdown Locks’ Podcast…

Both seanhanna Salons based in London and Cambridge and Sally Montague Hair Group in Derbyshire share many similarities in their businesses, despite being located in different parts of the country.In this episode Sean Hanna invites brand manager for Sally Montague Hair Group, Emmanuelle Montague-Sayers, to discuss how the two businesses are dealing with pandemic and how they plan to return after lockdown.


Behind the scenes

YEAR 2021




We have learnt a lot from the past two lockdowns, in July we answered over 3000 calls in just a few days and so this time we are planning further in advance so that you are not waiting on the phone for long periods of time.

This waiting list is for all salons in our group and all services, online booking has now been paused until the weekend before we reopen.

If you had an appointment during lockdown, we will be in touch with you first. Currently all phone lines and salons are completely closed.

If you have paid a deposit, this amount will be on your account and can be used against your next appointment or purchase. This deposit will not expire.

If you have a gift voucher, this will be extended until December 1st 2021.


March 29th, 30th & 31st
Our Booking Office will open to contact everyone who has missed an appointment since 30/12/20.

April 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th
We will contact everyone on the Reservation List. You can still join this list which is the quickest way of making an appointment.

April 10th
Online booking will open.

April 12th
All salons will reopen at 9am. Further details will be shared nearer the big day!

Thank you for your continued support which is much appreciated


Behind the scenes

YEAR 2021




In 2020 we started to build an online store where you could buy a selection of hair and skin care from our favourite salon brands.

The store is operate from this website and includes over 50 of the most wanted products, as well as special packages.

Hosting the store separately means that we can offer free delivery over £50 and easier payment options such as Paypal and Apple Pay.

We have been really pleased with how the shop is working so far and would like to thank everyone for supporting us and shopping locally.

You can find the online store here…


Behind the scenes

YEAR 2021

Healthy Hair Bundle



Our lifestyles have changed and the focus for many is on the condition of our hair, we can give it a break from styling and really concentrate on nourishing our hair with a good cut and the correct professional home care. 

That’s why we’ve put together the Healthy Hair Bundle which is a set price of £55 and includes:

1. A cut and blow dry or restyle appointment

2. A L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Shampoo of your choice

3. A L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Masque of your choice.

Your stylist will analyse your hair and help to choose the correct home care for your hair type.

The stylists and senior stylists included in this promotion are as follows: 

Old Hall; Nikki & Jayson, David Lloyd; Hannah, Sophie & Nikki, Sadler Gate; Bella, Kathy & Nicola, Duffield; Jasmine, Kathy & Megan, Belper; Emily, Billy & Megan and Alex & Steph at Ashbourne.

The Healthy Hair Bundle cannot be combined with any other promotions or vouchers and it is available every day. Please note that we will not be offering any ‘Half Term Hair’ promotions this year but this package would be a great alternative. 

Book online or call 01332 974 959


Behind the scenes

YEAR 2021




The salons will all reopen on December 2nd 2020. 

We have taken all precautions to ensure that we are following the latest industry and government guidelines.

When thinking about the salon environment, I wanted to make sure that your experience is still enjoyable while having all of the correct safety measures in place. Below I have outlined our ’10 Point Plan’ for moving forwards and some frequently asked questions which may be helpful before your appointment. 

Thank you for your continued support, 



1. We will look after you. Our priority is the health and wellbeing of everyone in the salon, both our team and guests. The measures that we put in place will be continually updated but our focus will be the same.

2. Protective equipment. PPE will be supplied for all appointments. We are concerned about the levels of waste and so many disposable items have been purchased from sustainable suppliers and will biodegrade in 8 weeks.

3.The salon experience will be different but we want to add joy, kindness and inspiration and welcome you back with socially distant open arms. Please don’t come to the salon if you or someone you live with is unwell, we need to ensure the environment is as safe as possible for everyone.

4. Extra care. We understand that not everyone will feel ready to visit us again but we are reserving the first appointment of the day at 9am from Monday to Friday for those who are most vulnerable.

5. The kind words that we have received over the past few months have been heart warming and we truly appreciate your support and dedication to shopping locally. Our temporary online store will remain open

6. Rather than permanently raising our prices, we have added a ‘Safety Levy’ which will be reviewed each month as the government guidelines change. This is a transparent way of us charging towards the extra costs which are now incurred by the business, the amount charged is not for a mask or the safety bag.  The current cost is £5 per visit. There is a reduced amount of £2 per visit for all childrens appointments and express beauty treatments under £20.

7. Making a reservation is going to take a little longer, we may need to ask questions to make sure that your records are up to date. We also need to allow extra time and ensure that your booking is right for your needs so please keep this in mind.

8. Although it is impossible for us to carry out your entire appointment from a distance, we will have measures in place throughout the salon. We are making our environments as safe as possible. You will have a reserved seat and will receive a Hygiene Pack when entering the salon. This will contain a cleansing wipe, single use gown, disposable towel & mask.

9. Wellbeing and taking care of ourselves has never been more important, our vast menu of spa treatments will be back as soon as government guidelines allow. Increased hygiene measures will be in place to ensure that you feel cared for and relaxed.

10. Finally, we are dedicated to making ‘the new normal’ a positive experience and have given 100 free appointments to key workers, thank you for the nominations which flooded into our inbox.

Now is the time to embrace change in all areas of our lives – from a shorter cut to grey blending and trying out a new spa treatment, we want you to enjoy your salon experience and feel a new sense of inspiration.


What face covering will I be wearing and what will my stylist wear?

All team members will be wearing a mask and visor. When entering the salon you will be given a ‘Hygiene Pack’ this will include a mask, it’s also fine to wear your own mask if you prefer.

I haven’t been able to book yet – am I likely to get an appointment soon? 

Yes, there are spaces available but you may need to be flexible with your choice of stylist and possibly the salon too. We were incredibly busy in July and August but now the bookings have calmed down. We are allowing extra  time for every appointment so there are less people in each salon.

What should I bring to my appointment?

We will provide all PPE and can now offer drinks in disposable cups. Please feel free to bring your own drink if you prefer.  You can also bring your own magazines, books, iPad etc – we can’t offer you the usual selection of magazines but we do have a selection in each salon. You are welcome to choose a magazine and then take it home with our compliments.

Please bring as few bags and belongings as possible. Everything will have to be kept with you or placed in bags so it would be easier and safer to just bring one small bag and preferably no coat.

Do I need to wait outside before my appointment? 

No, please enter the salon as normal and our Front of House team will be there to greet you. There are hand sanitising stations at all entrances and exits. Please try to arrive on time for your appointment, rather than being early or late as we are staggering arrivals.

Can I bring a friend/relative to wait with me?

To follow the government guidelines we are removing waiting areas and are also reserving a seat for each appointment. Therefore you should come to the salon on your own.

I have coloured my hair at home since my last appointment, will this affect my next colour?

We completely understand that not everyone wanted to face having grey roots , however please mention that you have coloured your hair when making your booking. You will need to have another Skin Test at least 48 hours before your appointment (all allergy alert tests are invalid once another type of colour is applied) and we will also need to add more time to your salon appointment.

I have used Colour Wow or a Root Cover Up spray, what should I do before the appointment?

Temporary colour options are great but they must be thoroughly washed out before your colour is applied or it may not develop properly. Please wash your hair and ensure that all of the colour / powder has been removed, you should come to the salon with dry, product-free hair.

Will my hair appointment bill be higher? 

Yes, with the Safety Levy added all bills will be slightly higher. Also you may have a Restyle rather than a usual trim and have a different colour technique and additional colours. Our prices have not been increased. There are price lists available at all times and you can discuss this with your stylist in the consultation.

One way of reducing the price is to change the level of stylists that you normally see, our team are graded in five levels at each salon, if you would like any help with your choice of stylist then please do ask. The colour price is the same for all team members but the cutting and styling prices depend on the level of experience.

I want a complete change – is this a problem?

Of course not! Our teams are so excited to welcome you back and at every meeting we have been discussing changes in style, cut and colour – we know that lots of you have been considering big changes throughout lockdown and we are excited to discuss your hair plan moving forwards.

After my first appointment can I rebook or do I need to wait? What will happen if you close again?

Our books are fully open for appointments so you can book as many as you wish. Many people have been booking the appointments up until Christmas but this is completely up to you. All appointments now have extra time and this will be reviewed on a monthly basis.

Finally, we are hoping that there will not be another closure but if it does happen, we will contact everyone who has an appointment booked to rearrange and they will have booking priority at that time. 


What appointments are available to book? 

We are following all government guidelines and can offer all hair and spa treatments.

Are therapists wearing PPE and what do I wear?

Our therapist team are all wearing visors and masks. We will give you a mask to wear or you can choose to wear your own, however we will still provide all necessary PPE.

Do I pay the Safety Levy for treatments too?

You only pay the levy per visit, therefore if you are having multiple treatments (hair or spa) then the £5 charge is added once. It would be better to group your treatments together rather than having multiple visits in a short period.

Will there be a screen between myself and my therapist?

No, there is no screen as the team member will be wearing a visor in addition to a mask.

Are there any other changes? 

We have put a number of safety precautions in place in every salon, including sectioning off some treatments areas and moving others to make more room. We are committed to making your experience as safe as possible, this includes the use of disposable and single use equipment where necessary.

How should I pay?

We are still accepting all forms of payment. Contactless is ideal, you can pay up to £45 by contactless card or pay an unlimited amount by Apple Pay.

You can book online or call 01332 974 959 for any salon.

We hope this section has answered your questions and will look forward to seeing you in the salon soon. 


Behind the scenes

YEAR 2021




Looking to disguise your roots? Watch Sally’s tips on how to use L’Oreal Professional Hair Touch Up to hide roots in just a few minutes.




Root sprays are a fantastic quick fix and will wash out easily without affecting your colour. For highlights and more precise coverage it’s best to use Colour WOW but you can quickly and easily blend roots with a spray too.

Sally is using the Warm Blonde spray, go to the packages section on the gift voucher page to find it on our website here.


Behind the scenes

YEAR 2021




We have had lots of messages regarding root colour over the past few weeks so we thought that a guide to a colour alternative may help! If you want to disguise your roots then we are recommending either Colour Wow or a temporary root spray, both can be bought online.

The most popular shades of Colour Wow now seem to have sold out on several websites. We can post Colour Wow to you and have set up a temporary shop on the gift voucher page of the website here.


Cover greys and dark roots, refresh highlights, thicken hairlines…

Covers grey seamlessly, even covers dark roots and extends highlights without peroxide

Precise application, no mess like sprays

Never stiff, sticky or waxy like mascaras and crayons

Looks completely natural, mimics hair’s reflective qualities

Water resistant formula, you can even swim in it

No waxes, dyes or parabens

Can also be used to fill in hairlines and cover gaps to create the look of thicker hair

Sally’s Tips and Tricks

  1. Load the brush with powder, you will need quite a lot for full coverage. I would advise using the longer bristled brush end.


2. Pull you hair back and push the powder into your hairline. Instantly you will see the greys being covered.

3. You only really need to focus on your hairline and parting. There is no need to be very precise but try not to colour your scalp.


4. The powder will last until you wash it out and will not affect your colour in any way.

5. If you have highlighted hair, you can use the small end of the brush to emphasise these.



How I will be wearing my hair for the next few weeks…

Let’s take this as an opportunity to use less heated tools and instead use all of those hair masques and samples which we all have in cupboards!

If you would like us to post any specific hair or skin care advice, please email [email protected]



Behind the scenes

YEAR 2021





The largest organ of your body, skin is often neglected. Dull, dry and dehydrated, covered up all winter and exposed to the sun all summer – under loved, your skin is constantly pushed to the limit.

Exfoliating with a body brush will improve your waxing results and reduce ingrown hairs. Giving skin a daily brush will also significantly improve tone, helping to banish cellulite and boost cell renewal for smoother, softer, more radiant skin.

With countless health benefits, body brushing is a fast and effective way to exfoliate – helping your skin absorb product faster, increase circulation, improve the appearance of cellulite, assist lymphatic drainage, improve muscle tone and stimulate the nervous system.

A fantastic gentle and therapeutic way to start your day, follow our body brushing ritual to detoxify, tone and firm your skin.


Encourage lymph drainage by using a firm dry brush on skin every morning before showering or bathing. Ensure each sweep is made several times, working towards your heart. Enrich the ritual by following each sweep of the brush with a gentle stroke from your free hand.


Starting at one of your feet, brush the lower leg in upward movements towards the knee, working from the inside of the leg to the outside, then the back of the leg.

Using the same method, work around the kneecap stroking up the thigh from the inside to the outside. Move around the back of the leg and up and over your bottom, then repeat for the other leg.


For your stomach, brush down from the side of your waist, across to the centre of your lower stomach several times – then repeat on the other side.

Moving to your back, brush up the back from your bottom towards your shoulders as far as you can comfortably reach. Repeat for the other side.

The benefits of this ritual will be lost with too much pressure, so make each stroke is light and take care not to drag, irritate or redden the skin.


With natural bristles from Mexican cactus plants swiftly stimulating circulation and eliminating toxins, this ESPA Skin Brush would a good addition to your daily routine.

Priced £20, available at Ashbourne, Belper, The Old Hall and David Lloyd salons.



Behind the scenes

YEAR 2021




To our wonderful clients and friends, 

Sadly, I have made the heartbreaking decision to close the salon group for the foreseeable future due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

The health of our team and clients is our number one priority and we must all now play our part and stay at home to save lives. On Friday March 20th we closed the David Lloyd and University salons. Now the Ashbourne, Duffield, Belper, Sadler Gate and Old Hall salons will all join the closure. 

This is first time in almost 37 years that our business will be closed – salons are a fantastic place of community and we will greatly miss welcoming you. 

Gift voucher and Studio Class Pass expiry dates will be extended and other measures will be released next week. We want to keep in touch throughout this difficult time and provide wellbeing advice and inspiration where possible via social media and our e-newsletter. 

We will review the closure according to government guidelines. You can book online via our app and website from 1st May onwards. 

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your ongoing loyalty and continued support. We will use this period to reset and will look forward to welcoming you back once this nightmare is over. 

Until then, please take care and look after each other.

My thoughts are with you all,

Sally x