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YEAR 2024


We are proud to have three generations of the same families visiting us for hair and spa treatments. The highest compliment we can receive is a personal recommendation and so we have introduced a new ‘Send a Friend’ campaign which will run from the 12th to the 31st of December 2019.


  1. When you visit us for any appointment between the 12th and 31st of December you will receive a text
  2. Simply forward this text to as many people as you wish
  3. When your friend books an appointment they just need to mention your name
  4. If you both have an appointment during January or February 2020 (your friends appointment should come first) then you will each receive a gift worth £25 or more


The gift you will each receive will depend on whether you have a hair or spa appointment but all will be worth at least £25 and will be chosen for your hair or skin type.

HAIR: A bespoke hair care set to take home after your appointment. We also have male grooming sets available.

SPA: An ESPA skincare gift bag containing a complete set of their hero products to kickstart your skincare regime. 


  1. There is no cash alternative
  2. The person you are introducing should not have visited any of our salons in the past two years
  3. This promotion is valid with all stylists and therapists at all salons. You do not have to visit the same salon as your friend
  4. There is no limit! You can send the text to as many people as you wish, if more that one friend takes up the offer then you can take home a gift set at any and all appointments before March 1st – you could have several gifts if you visit for both hair and spa appointments
  5. You or your friend should visit for any appointment over £25, for example an eyebrow shape or fringe trim would not be included
  6. Under 18’s are not included

If you would like any further details then please feel free to call us on 01332 974 959, this is the phone menu for all salons

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